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It is a contender.

The basic reality of our uncertain lives.

How incredibly vulnerable we are,

This soft front exposed, held up by our strong back,

Moving through the world

With the wild winds pummeling us with a vast array of perceptual cues,

Some known, most not.

The dear body protects and patterns a defense,

The dear brain organizes and assesses and assumes an action to attend to this day, and then all days forward.

But what is this thing we call anxiety, and just what is it competing against?

The limited ideas of binary choice leaves us lost to chasing the imagined peace and calm,

When life is really a dynamic process of pulsating expansions and contraction of energies,

A tension that is necessary to the task of living.

When escaped for the want of comfort and relief, the life leaves and we quickly become bored.

Then seeking the excitement for our dull lives.

This thing we call anxiety is a competency not a problem to figure out and fix,

It’s not going away.

And its offer is to expand our capacity to live Beyond Calm.

To Live and let ourselves be shaped by the uncertainties,

To value the dis-comfort.

To finally be truly Changed.


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