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Reach, it's what stress asks us to do

Hello, Here we are, in a brand new time with a brand new challenge. Now is the time to study and learn, when we are our best, when we are not, just what contributes to cultivating which.

Nothing has ever been guaranteed, but for uncertainty. Now we can really learn to LIVE Beyond Calm.

Few Tips:

Body Care - move it, turn it upside down, give it nutrients that decrease inflammation (ginger, tumeric, green teas, green leafy vegetables, red/blue berries, fish oils - decrease simple sugars / carbs / high fat dairy), tap it, tone it, give it some tempo and touch - 'dear body' you are safe. Sleep early. Learn how to deeply Relax the body if you can't sleep.

Mind Care - see what is right, right here, determine the direction of your mind. Anxiety is anticipatory, take in accurate necessary information and take action as needed and then LET GO (worrying is a brain's way of feeling like it's taking action -but it only burns up good energy). Take time, more now than any other, to TRAIN the SKILL of focusing - 10 minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night- Here are some Options - feel free to share with friends and family:

13 minutes

10 minute

7 minute

5 minute

Remember the next breath - your relative wellness - use your gift of your Life's Breath and Able Body in a generative way.

Worth the time to review the researched reality of EMOTIONAL/

- and choose to get off too much tech, and keep focusing on your safety here and now.

Please know that to push away the current situation as a naysayer or to overreact, are both non adaptive and non functional. We will all be affected by the world-wide fear, be kind, notice when you suddenly dip, or tear up, or get irritable, or choose to zone out, are all part of the process.

I got run over by a shopper last week with cart high full of everything and toilet paper and I felt sadness rise up, I felt frightened one minute with memories of other emergencies (like the Rodney King Riots I got caught in), then I was laughing and smiling with another shopper helping each other remember we are safe, and how odd it is that toilet paper is of import.

Heart Care

Smile. It is counter intuitive to the threat and it reminds the nervous system that this is a challenge, you are safe, this moment notice that.

Go Skipping. Yup, the kid time, take time in nature, skip, swing arms, open heart, smile on face, use music you like if you want - others will look at you strange and some will catch this contagion - see what happens to mood and emotion.

Send Love. You like me wish to be happy, safe, healthy - you like me will know love and loss. This is a connective time - so wonderfully contrary to

'social distancing' that we usually do day-to-day- making assumptions about others, forming in-groups/ out-groups, attacking and protecting. Now we must really physically socially distance, but this can allow the warmth of our heart to know its intricate deep dependency upon each other.

In general you may notice old habits of comfort-seeking - it's ok, do those old habits quite consciously, maybe it's food or tv or..... but see if you can also add to your disrupted life taking in Art, Music, Literature, Nature - these are our medicines, filled with the wisdom of what is true, dating back beyond our current time, weaving a wisdom for us to know what really matters - LOVE

I am here if you need

please share what is helping you

what hurts

let's create a real time healing path that changes us for a better future.

Keep 'the end in mind' when this is over, how would you Iike to be changed, ask: what will I have learned, how will I be better than previously, what new habits will I have implemented, how much more resilient will I have become? see it, make it happen in your next step forward.

not alone,



Diane Renz, LPC, Founder & Director

Center for Healthy Habits - body brain behavior

Consulting, Coaching, Counseling, Classes

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