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How do I know what is Enough?

worth is not contingent upon external metrics

self esteem might be, we get an A on the test and our sense of self is lifted - this comes in tech forms of followers or thumbs up....leaving us like a dog at the dinner table waiting for scraps.

all this results in our instability, at the beck and call of the ebb and flow of perceived evaluations

see if you can practice (v think about or conceptualize) 

'already worthy / already whole / already sufficient'

ironically this means to know every time you/your dear body contracts in defense or in grasping out of a dissatisfaction with self/other/situation

what happens, what do you notice?

and at other times to note the moments (microscopic) of what feels satisfying v temporarily pleasurable

what happens, what do you notice?

how does your thinking construct any of this?



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