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Culturally we live in a context of competitive criticism and condemnation. Embedded in our psyche is a the belief we must Prove our Worth - "productivity = worthiness"

Based on this premise, if we sense any emotion, thought, behavior that feels compromises our competency, we will spend exorbitant amounts of energy to cover and disprove the experience. Costing our energy and agency in this fragmentation we add to our stress and dis-ease.

In that Contextual environment, we can't afford to 'experience' our emotional world, or investigate our full experience of our Mind and Body, because the data might be the evidence to get us 'voted off the island.'

This is a survivalistic stance, a bioLogically protective reaction that leaves us unintegrated and spinning.

Remember the 2 primary equations of suffering:

1. R X E = S (resisting experience creates stress

2. Experiential Avoidance = Negative Symptomology (additive continuum that spends our energy)

Awareness as Medicine

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