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Full Program Details

MBSR - mindfulness based stress reduction -Evidence based Mind body Medicine- is an 8-week local or online class for people who want to take back their attention and awareness to train in developing their mind for better mood, motivation, meaning, and all metrics of well-being.


Our Learning Model

Once you secure your spot in Mbsr, the class delivers a systematic process of standardized mindfulness researched methods proven to change brain, behavior, and biology of the individual for better: increasing emotion regulation, cognitive functioning, reducing self-referencing known to lead to unhappiness, reduction in inflammation of the body, and changes in people's experience of a focused, balanced, meaningful life forever. You spend 8 weeks, 2 hours in live class with fellow participants supporting the intention & commitment to train your best, Receive Mp3 Audio practices to utilize between each class and to keep long after the 8 week is over, in addition you will have the chance to experience a Full Day of Practice during the 8 week course, which will also be available for you to attend after you graduate.


With the support and guidance of an MBSR Teacher with over 40 years in the field, and the support of participants you will build your ability to use Mindfulness in whatever form best works for you at the end of the 8 weeks.


The Mbsr program is the original template for all the research since 1979 and is the reason we now have Mindfulness in various sectors of society: education, government, military, corporations, hospitals, mental health.


This is where you will Learn the Truth not just the Trend of Mindfulness: you will know how to practice and just what aspects of  practice, what types, what 'dose' is appropriate and will make the changes you wish to see to take you to next level of a happy healthy full life.



MBSR students learn how to...

 Use their power of Awareness to Stop Reacting and Start Responding to gain Choice, Energy & Wisdom

The Mbsr is an Evidence Based Mind Body Medicine that intersects Mindful Awareness & Neuro-bio-Plasticity


TOPICS Explored:

  • Correct Definition of Mindfulness

  • Intention 

  • Perception

  • Hedonic Habits

  • Stress Reaction - Physiology/Psychology/Philosophy

  • Stress Responsiveness - stress hardiness

  • Unhealthy Patterns of Stress Habits

  • Mindful Communication



see below for details

Couple Meditating

Mbsr is all about direct experience versus cognitive striving. You are encouraged to let your own practice corroborate the science instead of chasing the science, you become the 'laboratory' for research, you become the expert. Nothing to believe only to be open, intentional, committed to trying on the practice.


Diane Renz, MA, NPAF, LPC has led hundreds of people through the MBSR program, and thousands throughout the country have learned from her seminar speaking on the Science, Theory, & Practice of the MBSR program. She teaches individuals & organizations how to create healthy systems by training to build attentional resources & reduce stress. People walk away with user-friendly practical applications though her translation of the current science of mindfulness.


The power of training with others exponentially accelerates our learning. Change becomes more possible when we we explore is safe but challenging group interaction. Here in MBSR we set the group norms for your safety so you can show up as you are and let yourself discover without someone else judging or impeding by trying give you  advice. We trust in each other's inherent wisdom and create the environment to nurture that.

  • Embedding Mindfulness into daily living

  • Learning via direct experience & minimal didactic

  • Practice coupled with specific type of inquiry for best integration of mindfulness

  • Silence, stillness, movement, right speech

  • Formal & Informal Mindfulness Practices

  • Science of Compassion / Loving kindness

  • how of habit change - set up lifestyle for ongoing practice of mindfulness


8-week 2.5 hour class, online or local


Take home Mp3 Audio Practices

All Day Practice Retreat


Original Model for Delivery of Mindfulness


Evidence Based Mind Body Medicine


Long-lasting lifestyle change. Follow up practice support
Mindfulness based Stress Reduction  - MBSR 8 week class
Mindfulness based Stress Reduction  - MBSR 8 week class
Feb 05, 2020, 6:30 PM – Mar 25, 2020, 8:30 PM
Center for Healthy Habits Online Option,
190 East 9th Avenue, Ste 390, Denver, CO, USA
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