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Services Facilitated by Expert in Behavior Change with over 40 years in the study of Mindfulness

The pain that demands you to Change Requires a Safe Context to explore. You're not alone. Learn about how natural our habits of stress are and how possible it is to create the change you want. You shouldn’t have to go it alone. The Center for Healthy Habits offers connection, a highly skilled clinician, and experienced applications of current science that have been proven to lead to health. Your best interest and well-being is at the heart of this work. Meet the face behind running the Center for Behavioral Health, and schedule an appointment today.

Interested in getting your habits of health back on track? Curious about how change can happen? Any classes, practices, talks, are all a click away. Touch Base and see what fits your need.



“Diane is an outstanding facilitator for mindfulness meditation. Her years of experience allows her to communicate powerfully and poetically. I felt like she leads with honesty and humility making the information accessible and clear for everyone. I am so deeply grateful to her. I now have a solid understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation" - mbsr participant

"Diane’s integrity, commitment, and authenticity travels far beyond the therapeutic session. Her personal integration of her life experience invites others to discover their own healing and well being."

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