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Hear what MBSR Participants are saying:

Diane is an outstanding facilitator for mindfulness meditation. Her years of experience allows her to communicate powerfully and poetically. I felt like she leads with honesty and humility making the information accessible and clear for everyone. I am so deeply grateful to her. I now have a solid understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation that I do at home. I have studied many types of meditation practices but found MBSR to really clarify and simplify the universal principles of meditation.

Brilliant class. Wonderful, caring teacher. MBSR is the best chance for liberation from one's own incessant thoughts, in my life's experience.. The only chance I've known to escape trance-like living, encumbered with incessant thoughts from the past or worry about the future, and unending to do lists. The only invitation I've known to live (now), rather than wait til its time to die and realize I never had (to paraphrase from Walden's Pond). Quite possibly the Best Gift you can ever give yourself. C.M.

Diane is a skilled teacher who genuinely cares for her students. She never fails in constantly encouraging personal practice and has introduced many good techniques to keep us "doing it". Her authentic warmth kept me coming but admit that forming steady practice habits will be a challenge. Regardless of this, there has definitely been a shift in my awareness of patterns of reactivity to stress. For this, I am grateful. I feel a doorway has opened to thinking and being a little bit better in the way I approach my day. The work has just begun! S.R. 

I would recommend Diane for her expertise and knowledge about MBSR as well as her sensitivity and compassion. Time, getting to know the group, the laughter - It was perfect just the way it was - I learned so much, how to meditate for extended periods of time, to pause, be curious, resilient behavior vs reactive behavior. J.H.


MBSR practices taught in class are such a relevant way of being for people in all walks of life. I have attempted these practices in the past, but having a facilitator show you by doing it herself, made all the difference.

A huge thank you for the Day of Mindfulness— A few Practices, Mindful eating and Mindful walking, I’ve been doing for a long time but didn’t really “get” the benefits until this day—  It was just the way you explained them that made them click for me.  The day was such a gift.

– mbsr participant


MBSR class was facilitated so beautifully. Here I found a new understanding– all the striving to fix myself over these past years could be safely set down- It’s here that I discovered- maybe I am enough as is!


You are amazing, so much in your element when teaching MBSR, flowing with wisdom.

Thanks for being such great teacher, I don’t want the class to end!!

I love this class! I’m amazed that I’m able to observe my process with less and less judgement J.P.


thank you for the gentle kind way you led our wonderfully life changing class of mbsr your loving compassionate guidance knocked me out. thank you for your generosity of spirit benevolence magnanimity. mbsr is a buffering soothing presence new to this grateful life, what a blessing


I really found so much benefit from taking the MBSR class. Diane has amazing knowledge and passion for the process. It’s obvious that she walks the walk with so much heart. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I learned that I can be more aware about my patterns of stress without judgement or expectations. Just notice them and begin to change. J.P.


I realized that a daily practice has saved me and brought me back to really living here and now S.B. 

Brilliantly done in every single category. An instructor who obviously cares!  CM.


Thank you for your presence. It's comforting and reassuring

I've enjoyed reading Kabat-Zinn's books over the years, yet nothing replaces the experience of participating in the MBSR program and hearing others experiences combined with your guidance and reflections.


MBSR was very helpful and I would highly recommend it to others. I have a new set of tools, practices, and reminders to identify, engage with, and reduce my anxiety and stress. Not only did I get a wholesome introduction to the practice of mindfulness, but I was also able to form my own relationship to the principles and really make it my own.



​ I have studied mindfulness in the past, but been inconsistent when incorporating it into daily life. This class was extremely helpful in providing encouragement and tools for daily living. Diane was informative enthusiastic and a transformative teacher.



This course has helped me as a great way to let my mind rest, to invest my mind’s attention in something more lasting than just fleeting thoughts and ideas - it feels restorative every time I engage in practice 


I have truly appreciated the heart and effort you put into this class.  It has made a big impact on my life, and your presence has been a big part of that.  As I shared with my partner last night, the day after practice day I experienced a profound shift in awareness that was a real blessing.



thank for helping guide me into a better awareness of myself and a happier healthier life​ S.R.


I've been noticing more beauty--more nature--more sense-based stuff (smells, sounds). I check in with my body more and if I notice tension, I notice my breath. 


Thank you for your presence. It's comforting and reassuring

Diane was able to answer questions/ teach in such a way that despite the way one learns, or weather one needs science, or prose, or anecdotal stories, or hands on experiences to connect to the information, she provided many ways in which to embody the information. The key concepts were repeated enough. and woven throughout the course. She gave the skeptics and the over-eager beginners alike the attention they needed in the moment to get the concepts of MBSR. L.B. 


Diane, always demonstrates as to why it is important to participate in a practial integration in ones personal practices.I believe that with what I have learned in this MBSR Program I will have a greater understanding of who I am in my daily life and forever. B.W. 


You were very thoughtful when there were special concerns, e.g. chronic pain, or trouble with the breathing-focused nature of the exercise. Still able to move the whole class forward, but thoughfully include all participants. Attorney A.B.


 I feel so much freedom and burst out in joy at the most random times. I also just as easily burst out into tears, but I am able to feel sad or difficult emotions with more awareness and know that it will pass. I don't try to distract myself from uncomfortable emotions. I actually go through them and when it passes I feel incredible.


Diane and this class was great! I felt almost instantly calmed when I would walk into the class and start meditating right away with the help of Diane's guided meditation instruction.  A.W. 2015


I really loved MBSR, Diane was absolutely incredible and helpful. She really knows how to make me feel at ease and her voice is so calming. When I walked into the room I immediately felt at ease. MBSR has taught me to breath through those really tough life moments and to respond, instead of react to situations. I'm much more mindful in my life.  2015


Learned that the present moment and sensations are always there to be noticed and appreciated. The past and the future compete for our mind's attention but peace is only found in the now. 2015


 I appreciated the honest approach to mindfulness in this MBSR class. It offered challenging but practical ways of bringing mindfulness into daily life. Diane created an environment conducive to exploring mindfulness individually but with the support and encouragement of a group. E.C.2015


Class was a great reminder to pay attention to my body and why. I have heard this but I sensed it this time. Any sadness or anytime I am missing something in my life it registers physically. With new awareness I learned to listen and know there is a message for me there that is coming from a deep truth. Where else would I get that kind of answer?! 


 I learned to gain (some) control of my anxiety. I know I can get better with continued practice. I learned that I am okay just the way I am.


Because I move so fast, I miss the essence of the present moment. I'm better at communication now when pausing my speed. I have been very aware of seeing the right in others. Diane presents the materials with ease; she also was compassionate and fun 


I have learned that learning is hard, and that being gentle with myself is not my strong suit. This workshop has provided a consistent reminder of beginning again (and again and again...)  


As a person who constantly with self-defeating thoughts, difficulty staying focused at the tasks at hand and staying present in the moment. Diane Renz MBSR has brought more self-acceptance, stress reduction and overall awareness to my life.  C.V.


 I learned how to deal with my pain and not just "wish" I was better. I learned to "sense" what my body was going through and then find positive methods to help get me to a state of mindfulness, whether that was through the body scan, yoga or just deep breathing. I learned that everyone is going through something and to really listen to others


Diane was very genuine, knowledgeable, very approachable, and interested in everyone in the class and allowed people to be as involved as they chose. She validated people's journeys and reminded people the purpose of MBSR throughout the process.  


improved my practice tremendously. Made me question everything in my life , not sure yet if this is a benefit.It is so easy to 'go along, get along". I have a sense of well being i did not have and my fear of rejection has decreased.  


MBSR has influenced my perceptions profoundly. allowing me to choose a different response instead of reacting. Discovered early on practice path the value of awareness in "holding" throughout body - enabling better management of chronic pain. Facilitator encouraged kindness to self, non-judging, non-striving. Diane's great.  Kim H. 2015


 learned a lot about turning off the thoughts about the future that consume so much of my free time. I also learned about slowing down and appreciating my food through mindful eating. I am a slow processor and am sure that I'll continue to make valuable connections based off what I've learned well into the future! 


 I learned to pause before I did anything impulsive that was harmful to my mind and body. 

I learned the value of quiet introspection.  
I learned the power of stillness and tuning in to my own power of increasing energy, confidence and alertness. 
I learned to pause and say to myself what am I really eating before partake


I felt that Diane worked right with us, teaching us all of her wisdom and yet was part of our group - a very honorable person. I have always had a self-created spiritual practice but found myself restless this year. I followed Diane's lead to take time to experience myself, my breathing, what my senses told me...and felt connected to everything. 


  The class was very helpful in creating a time and space to explore slowing down and becoming more aware of how my body & mind were processing stress. By doing this I have been successful in learning to respond thoughtfully rather than react habitually to challenges that arise in my day. 


This class taught me how connection with my body was always there for me in times of upheaval. Diana provided a nurturing environment that encourages exploration and self-compassion. 


MBSR has changed my everyday life. I would highly recommend this training !  


 i've loved the experience and have appreciated learning new tools that i find helpful and useful in my everyday life to be more mindful, less stressful and happy and connected. Great teacher who deals nicely with all different types of people in our class.

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