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Next MBSR Class - Feburary 5th, 2020


Train in Mindfulness based Stress Reduction

the original mindfulness program since 1979

Learn how to train Attention to Transform Lives

The Art of Stress

Mindfulness based Stress Reduction - 8 week

So much hype about Mindfulness these days - let's just make it simple and get to the heart beyond the hype, and let go that overused word that's turned into a concept and commodity, and remember, it is about our innate capacity for being Aware. A quality of Awareness that we can train, learn how to steady our Attentional resources to influence our Health and Well-being for the better. Each of us have spent time to learn something, going to school, investing time and money in skills to make a living, which required us to study, to pay attention, and to repeat this until we gained a new skill. So is true of this capacity innate to us, it needs repetition and just the right environment for our competence. The Mbsr program opened the door to the research and rigor of this training and is just that right environment to uncover what is already ours.

Hope you can take time to invest in your life this way. Not just a class but the doorway to develop long-lasting lifestyle shifts that break unhealthy stress cycles of pressure, pushing, and the habits patterns of seeking relief that only spend our energy at the cost of our physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Invest in your Life - Create Sustainable Energy here in the Mbsr program:



Practice to make Possible (not perfect) a Resilient Meaningful Life

It's an honor & privilege to share this journey -

please reach out to me if you are wondering if this is right fit for you

Feel free to explore the history of the Mbsr program here on the site, for now, real brief, in a nutshell:


Jon Kabat-Zinn's original MBSR program delivers standardized mindfulness practices shown to alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, and increase Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Physical Health & Well-being

If you seek Balance in your daily life, right in the middle of the speed, distraction, and anticipation, and wish to Take a Breath and learn how to develop User-Friendly Practices of Attention that can help you Reclaim your Energy, Focus, Connection, & Clarity, Join us in this journey with MBSR, which is much more than a class, but the beginning of creating a healthy lifestyle shift that can inform your well-being for the rest of your life.

Learn the Truth of Mindfulness.

Stress is a part of our being human, whether it breaks or stretches us is dependent upon how we relate to the circumstances of our life. Mindfulness is not some esoteric special state to achieve, but a natural simple ability within each of us to attend to our lives with a quality of Awareness which includes all of our experience with care. With this Awareness we can expand our capacity to bear and our ability to respond and to re-member our inherent health.

27 hours of class time

direct experience of mindfulness practice

safe confidential environment

take home Mp3 audio

full day of practice together

Build the Muscle of your Awareness

from Stress to Stretching your Capacity

Grow your Health & Resilience

Increase Focus & Attention

Learn how to work with various States of Mind

Gain Energy & Vitality

Learn the how of Healthy Habits – body, brain, behavior

Who Should Register: 

For Personal & Professional Development








Facilitated by:  UMASS Medical School Center for Mindfulness MBSR Trained Teacher, Diane Renz, LPC

Diane is an outstanding facilitator for mindfulness meditation. Her years of experience allows her to communicate powerfully and poetically. I felt like she leads with honesty and humility making the information accessible and clear for everyone. I am so deeply grateful to her. I now have a solid understanding and practice of mindfulness meditation that I do at home. I have studied many types of meditation practices but found MBSR to really clarify and simplify the universal principles of meditation.

  • We meet in a safe confidential group

  • 2 hours week - practicing together

  • Take home audio to explore practice during the week

  • Learn basic theory & principles Mbsr

  • Enjoy a full day retreat

  • Change created by building the momentum of Awareness repeatedly over our 8 weeks together for you to know directly the benefit

  • Discover the committed action forward to make this a part of your life not some quick strategy but a'lifestyle'- the how of practice, which one, what right 'dose'

  • All Mbsr graduates welcome to upcoming free Retreat Days 

  • Suitable for Beginners and those already familiar with Mindfulness Practices

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to access their Health, Resilience & Responsive Action

  • For those with Chronic Pain or Illness

  • Coping with Daily Life Stress- (physical/emotional/psychological/relational pain)

  • Those wanting help for Anxiety, Depression, Distracted Attention

  • Mental Health Professional Training: Satisfies part of  MBSR Teacher Training

  • Business Professionals seeking Communication and Leadership Skills

  • To manage Work & Tech Stress​

ABOUT Mbsr Experience
Me & mbsr

Brilliant class. Wonderful, caring teacher. MBSR is the best chance for liberation from one's own incessant thoughts, in my life's experience.. The only chance I've known to escape trance-like living, encumbered with incessant thoughts from the past or worry about the future, and unending to do lists. The only invitation I've known to live (now), rather than wait til its time to die and realize I never had (to paraphrase from Walden's Pond). Quite possibly the Best Gift you can ever give yourself. C.M.


Repeated Focal Attention changes the function &  structure of our Brain & Biology, for better or for worse. Question then is, What's got your Attention? What are you repeatedly focusing on? In MBSR you can learn to train your Attention to Focus in ways that will link you to your best. We are always training our attention, why not decide which direction...........

If you seek Balance in your daily life, right in the middle of the speed, distraction, and anticipation, and wish to Take a Breath and learn how to develop User-Friendly Practices of Attention that can help you Reclaim your Energy, Focus, Connection, & Clarity, Join us in this journey with MBSR, which is much more than a class, but the beginning of creating a healthy lifestyle shift that can inform your well-being for the rest of your life.

I really found so much benefit from taking the MBSR class. Diane has amazing knowledge and passion for the process. It’s obvious that she walks the walk with so much heart. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I learned that I can be more aware about my patterns of stress without judgement or expectations. Just notice them and begin to change.


Original template for the Science of Mindfulness

MBSR is why we now have Mindfulness in our culture. Learn from this original model for mindfulness training -

Invest in your Life.

MBSR is an Evidence-Based Mindfulness Application developed by Jon Kabat Zinn 40 years ago to alleviate suffering and increase well-being. The MBSR program started in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979, and is now offered in over 200 medical centers, hospitals, and clinics around the world, and is primary in the scientific research demonstrating positive outcomes of Mindfulness, then creating the bridge to effective practical applications throughout society in Healthcare, Education, Government, Military, and Corporations, to improve our ability to access what is best in each of us toward a new measure of Happiness and Success.

Since the inception of the Center’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic in 1979, more than 24,000 people with a range of medical and psychological conditions have completed the 8-week MBSR program at UMass. Worldwide, with programs on six continents, tens of thousands of people have participated in MBSR programs. More than 16,000 health-care professionals from 80 countries have participated in the Center’s Oasis Institute professional education and training programs. Globally, there are more than 760 sites offering MBSR programs in clinics, hospitals, and academic medical centers based on the model developed at UMass.



In the past five years, there have been more than 2,200 papers about mindfulness and MBSR published in the scientific literature. Dating back to the inception of the 8-week MBSR program, research at UMass and at other academic medical centers has shown, among other benefits, consistent, reliable, and reproducible demonstrations of major and clinically relevant reductions in medical and psychological symptoms across a wide range of medical and psychological conditions. Maintenance of these changes is sustained, in some cases, for up to four years of follow up. Most MBSR participants at UMass experience long-lasting improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms, as well as major positive changes in health attitudes and behaviors and in perception of self.

Studies have also shown changes in the brain and the immune system consistent with greater mental and physical health.

Hear what MBSR Participants are saying:


MBSR practices taught in class are such a relevant way of being for people in all walks of life. I have attempted these practices in the past, but having a facilitator show you by doing it herself, made all the difference.

A huge thank you for the Day of Mindfulness— A few Practices, Mindful eating and Mindful walking, I’ve been doing for a long time but didn’t really “get” the benefits until this day—  It was just the way you explained them that made them click for me.  The day was such a gift.

– mbsr participant


MBSR class was facilitated so beautifully. Here I found a new understanding– all the striving to fix myself over these past years could be safely set down- It’s here that I discovered- maybe I am enough as is!


You are amazing, so much in your element when teaching MBSR, flowing with wisdom.

Thanks for being such great teacher, I don’t want the class to end!!

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