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Dialogue Practice

Practice is to Train - to build a skill.

Mindful Communication is all Listening - within self, between self & other, and to another's expression.

What needs to be said, what motivates the need to speak, how can I use silence to know my next sound into the world. How do I listen to another? Waiting, wondering, worrying, wrongfully assuming?

The greatest gift is your presence. We all long to be seen, heard, and deeply recognized. Learning to create enough space - for your own wisdom to rise and that of another.

Primary Points to remember:

we are all implicitly biased for/against. It is brain biology. Based on history, assumptions are made, that then we unwittingly attempt to make into our reality, forcing a fit, or fight against the reality (other person) that does not meet our assumptions.

We train to interrupt the automatic by staying tuned to our inner sense -ability. 

in day to day we are caught up in our Self interest, half listening to others. Mindful communication practice requires us to just be, to receive, through all our senses, what the other is saying. Noticing reactions, judgments, where we want to interject, and just noting and setting down and coming back to the 'object' of our attention - the other.

It takes effort, feels uncomfortable, we pause our engagement to pendulate between outer focus and inner focus - doing all we can to exercise this presencing muscle. 

Can I really listen

not to be confirmed, or wait to counter, but to be changed?

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