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Life is happening

we are paying attention to something 

so why not Design instead of Default

Map your own cycle – Aware of perceptual stimulus, activation in body, appraisal, action

Then growth mindset – what can be learned toward the development of what value



bookend your days with Intention – sense body and remember a value / intention, what will lead, to set the design to interrupt the speedy mind and regulate cortisol – 

weave throughout the day – 30/60/90 seconds –SOAP use this as what you are doing in that pause, small doses many times – 

end day with reflection – space to know intention/ value – where missed marked, land on good-hearted intentionality – design to see what is well and good.

Pick something from audios – practice one day audio one day no audio to support self- build muscle

don't leave home without your POCKET GUIDE – when I don’t like - my pattern/habit is__________and from the many things offered in this program what are you training to insert to interrupt the pattern – practiced repeatedly – imagine it as really concrete in your pocket

always Review the end in mind – what direction you want to go

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