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Dear George

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Hello to you All, how are you? really. I have been struggling lost my heart and way forward, it is important to feel instead of forge forward, the feeling can fortify the next responsive action so much to contend with covid 19 a teacher the possibility to reshape what is being revealed in constructs that do not sustain the life and health of people and planet the leaderless time the outright construction of more divide the people lost to politics of personal power and then, the continued exposure of how we discard and disparage lives of those not like us dear George Floyd and the many names over the many 100s of years

What can I offer? All I know is to study how we make this all up, how we can learn to train in deconstructing the habits of mind/heart that are limited to unconscious memory repeated, making the past the future, until we can learn to see, sense, and become Aware enough to interrupt the incessant cycles, then add new information to design forward, and create a new future. here I offer a Loving Kindness practice - give yourself the repeated slow drip to see if you can cultivate a new way nothing to cover, just to CARE, so much that we might remember, and in the remembering regain our freedom. Technology of the Heart 10 minutes LK practice - soothe the nervous systems, incline the mind/heart other stuff: Poetry Jericho Brown A Teacher Anthony Ray Hinton  we need to be undone, not orient a maladaption to these uncertain times to further solidify systems of self and society that are only self-protective, but to orient to a conscious care, to be so uncomfortable that we might really change Sending good heart, would love to hear from you, how you are, what you are learning, where you are struggling. big heart, diane if you wish, Obama, (note any like/dislike automaticity here), letter in response to George Floyd's death:

Study the Trap

if you made it this far your get the goodies:  

James Baldwin wisdom "Until white people face their own unseen pain, they will always need a ‘negro’" 


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