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Module Topics

1st week -  Attention 

2nd week - Bodily Self

3rd week - Cultural Context

Happiness/ WB

4th week - Default Emotion 

5th week - Emotion Design

6th week - FFFF-F familiar

7th week - Greater good

8th week - Habits hinder/help


Mindfulness STOP

Mindfulness Sitting 2-12 minutes

Mindfulness Body Scan 14 minutes

Mindfulness Sitting Movement 7 minutes

mbsr body scan 

Walking Meditation

Standing Meditation

Design Well-being focus

Acts of kindness

Loving Kindness audio


20 minutes contemplative aerobics 3x week

Tone, Tap, Touch, Tempo

YES factor

Extended Exhale


Mind simulation / contrasting

Saturate in the Sense

Free-writing prompts

Bookend days with value/intention reflection

Weave 30/60/90 second SOAP

various additional audios sent in email

(pause, brain tame, agitation)

Living Inquiry:

(a way of living a question, open, curious, placing it in the forefront, to wander, meander, to come to know a certain context for looking - an integrative process)

What do you want? What gets in way?

When I don't like___I tend to_____

Note Sensation separate from Thought

Comfort or Care seeking, what Cost

Note habit of Mind toward others- default Attitude?

Stop Tech 1 hr to 1 day - replace with body in space awareness outside

note what you feel in body with default negative attitudes toward others

might there be value in not feeling good

what emotion do I default to

what behavior does it incline

what is the cost

'saturate in sense' of outcomes to shift memory/reward

post mortem (as a way of creating long-lasting change)

AAAA - (awareness is here, what is in awareness, what is attitude, what action does that incline)


7 day assess lifestyle habits that increase default emotion

Map your Mind: aware perceptual stimulus, activation body, appraisal, action

Design new Default - how you will interrupt Cycle of automatic habit mind

Intention as Interrupter

What is 1 fact learned, what is the meaning for you, what is the implication, what is then the required action? Are you ready to commit?


(eg, happiness is a skill, this means I am responsible for my happiness development, how will I train this skill, can I commit to 1 thing several times a week?) Name it to Claim it!


Wandering Mind is Unhappy - (Killingsworth, 2008)

Bodily Self, (Kerr, 2013)

Making a Life Worth Living - Neural Correlates of Well-being, (Davidson, 2004)

Lyubomirsky, S., & Lepper, H. S. (1999). A measure of subjective happiness: Preliminary reliability and construct validation. Social Indicators Research, 46, 137-155.

Social  Emotional Intelligence (Goleman, 1996)

Growth mindset S.Claro, D. Paunesku, Carol S. Dweck, 2016

PNAS August 2, 2016 113 (31) 8664-8668

Emotional Contagion:

“Implicit Affect in Organizations” Sigal Barsade, Lakshmi Ramarajan, and Drew Westen. In B. Staw and A. Brief (Eds), Research in Organizational Behavior, 135-162, 2009.

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