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"Attentional Freedom - being able to lead attention through the bodyspace without reactivity or aversion: (Kerr, 2013) 

Studying the 'Trap' of how our interactive loop perceptual cues to impulsive avoidance behaviors is to slow it down and find choice to interrupt reaction to responsiveness 

"Liberated thought that breath is the only object to pay attention to" R.


"done with careful consideration"

 de ="entirely"

 liberare "to free, liberate"

"to balance, make level,"


"characterized by slowness in decision, consciously unhurried" 


inner - outer

right  - left

bottom - top

being  - doing

sensing - thinking

"to be substantial is to have an underlying foundational support - that which stands underneath, an integral substance"

for us to feel in balance is to address these underpinnings 

the ground we move from

to know is to stop, settle, sense, see, then you can set a new direction - add / take away that which will recalibrate your system.


intimate with sense of interiority

knowing a felt sense

deep in the brain, non-verbal history of what has been known as aligned or not aligned, correct or incorrect, beneficial or toxic

linking directly to emotional valence




or destructive

body sensing on a regular basis attunes your system to be able to hear

beyond the context that might ask you act against the best interest of health - of your body, mind, of self, of other, of society.

Morals linked to this body perception, to practice sense of body is to strengthen connection to MPFC - one of the many functions of this brain circuitry is intuition.


determines outcomes. what is driving your action? in what direction? what is big enough to guide you when commitment wanes?

Practice Intention as Interrupter - grow it strong to counter bio-logic, social pulls, emotional contagions, habits that hinder.......

memory that wants to be your future

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