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Center for Healthy Habits has been helping people construct new approaches to everyday human problems and create Healthy systems for over 20 years. The center offers local & online Classes, Consulting, Coaching, & Counseling utilizing evidence-based applications of the current research in mindfulness, neuroscience, & behavioral psychology. We interrupt depleting Habits of Stress & Anxiety and help you construct New sustainable Habits of Health. Join us locally or online to train Body, Brain, and your next best Behavior.

We don't need to let the past impede the present and determine our future

Learn the How of Habit Change

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I found so much benefit from taking classes at the Center. Diane has amazing knowledge & passion for the process. I learned that I can be more aware about my patterns of stress without judgement or expectations. Just notice them and begin to change. - jp 

Healthy Habits’ begins with our Intention. The intention orients us in a direction for our next action. Intention determines outcomes. Intention fortifies commitment to a new behavior. To build new habits requires a robust repetition of committed action. Intention is the rudder to steer us from flailing in the next winds of mood, to stay the course no matter the weather, no matter the changing tide, no matter the pain, no matter the urge to avoid. Intention encourages our willingness to be changed.

Cutting-edge Scientific rigor in Behavior Change

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At Center for Healthy Habits scheduling Coaching or Counseling tailored to your Goals  provides the resources, tips, daily practices you need to get your healthy habits on track — you’ll leave your session well informed, confident, and inspired to take action. Get in touch and schedule an appointment now. In person or Online

"Diane relates to pain & joy with honesty, grounded in the intention to discover what is possible, whereas, other  past clinicians, were rushed, detached, almost condemning, Diane receives me exactly as I am, but even more, sees what I can become." - client

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Take 1 hour, half-day, full day, or weekend immersion Seminars to integrate the latest Neurobiology of Attention to Reduce Stress & Enhance Habits for Success with specific Tips, Daily Practices, understanding the science & theory of real change.

Curriculum Designed to fit your Organization's need.

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Meditation Class

Jon Kabat Zinn's original MBSR program delivers standardized mindfulness practices shown to alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, and increase Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Physical Health & Well-being - Learn More

Online Live class  available for out of local area participants


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Therapy Session

Beyond Calm: the More than Mindfulness Class

To develop 'wellness in mind' we need to attend to all the elements of our experience. We can do this with support from the current research in various sciences: cognitive, behavioral, attentional neurobiology, stress, and  more, to apply daily tools to begin to shape our new habits toward health and well being

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Start Making Sense of Anxiety – See, Sense, Set a New Direction Raise your hand if you have never experienced anxiety. I’ve asked this question to thousands of people around the country when teaching about stress reduction, and not one person has raised their hand. What a relief to discover I am not the only…

Calm Sea


Do you ever just wake up in a bad mood? Or someone says something to you that feels unkind and triggers you into a negative state of mind? Maybe you have a propensity toward depression and lose your will, your spirit, your gusto to stay engaged in life in ways that generate your creativity and…

The most important question to ask then is:

What's got your Attention?

What are you Focusing on?

How does that impact your life?

Repeated Focal Attention Changes the Function & Structure of our Brains



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Online Consulting, Coaching, Counseling, Classes

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Local on-site Seminars, Talks, Programs at your location

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