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Common Ground

some days speed by and our hearts are a little held in, covered from the assault of information overload. other days we are doubled over in the kitchen with a specific story of a specific suffering of a specific heart in a specific area of the world. On the continuum of constant loss. this moment never here again. that meal eaten will never be quite the same ever again. our partner, friend, lover, child, pet, changed, never the same again. that sun setting never in quite the same way again. the assumption that we will see it rise in need of our re-spect - to see again.

then there are the immediate hard hitting losses where mortality can no longer be swept aside for the next biz task on our anxious list. a death. on the continuum of deaths, a real person or animal that has served as a companion on this road of living a life. let yourself be undone. your broken heart links you to all broken hearts. there is nothing to regulate here, nothing to strive to fix, nothing to concentrate a focus, it is the competency to feel, to be disturbed, dis-integrated, to be made whole and re-organized again.

We are on a common ground, never denying the need for our difference, but realizing that you, like me, will experience Love and the Loss. The level of felt loss is equivalent to the love known.

go gently


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