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Design Flaw

We are missing a skill that could change the world for the better. It could interrupt and inform the health of our systems, whether individual systems of stress and anxiety, and all the subsequent avoidance behaviors that come out of that from Netflix to narcotics, or the larger systems of our socio-political divide that leads to the destruction of a people and of a planet.

The skill is Somatic Intelligence. It is the one intelligence that precedes all other intelligences.

It’s not what you think. It’s real simple. We all have a body but have never read the ‘owner’s manual’. That body quickly perceives, outside of our conscious awareness, the brain then constructs concepts and assumptions from what is perceived, these concepts turn into our next behavior. Brilliant Biology to keep us alive by remembering what happened in the past, what category to place it in now to know whether to move away or toward.

There is a design flaw in this rapid automatic processing - it doesn’t account for error. The past doesn’t necessarily correlate to the present conditions. We are missing new information that could course correct a new outcome.

As an information processing system it misses a fundamental aspect of being human - our consciousness. We can get in there and hack the system to update the missing data links with the skill of somatic intelligence. The implications are far reaching.

We could move in a new direction. We could create new memory. We could find the opening to this closed system.

Why bother?

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