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Divided State of Threat

Pain indicates what is well and good in you

and in any other systems you are operating within.

If we don't hold this view then we will be lost to the automatic

Bio-Logic that informs us quickly of threat.

Create the space to Listen

To Care instead of Conclude

To Feel instead of Fix

The pain then can point us toward what is out of integrity

The inner aligned with the outer action

For example in Workplace environments

we often struggle with communication, with perceptions, with misperceptions, with authentic collaboration and civility versus psuedo outward kindness as instrumental toward our own end. Each moment we have a chance to reset our greater intention and hold kindness for our limitations, our smaller self, our fears that ignite in the implicit and explicit sense of threat.

Then the accountability to lead our own organization within us, to give it correct information, to stabilize the body which will stabilize the mind.

Someone recently shared how difficult it was to communicate in her organization, questioning her own integrity in the process, wondering about her motivations, feeling the pain. I asked three questions:

  1. Can you understand what you did or didn't do?

  2. What do you wish you had done?

  3. What can you do now?

This questioning is without blame but with clear interest in learning and in understanding what goes into the making when we are limited and self-interested - basically, how we all feel afraid and if not known we can never grow forward.

All the division, inside of us and between ourselves and others, our bias, the 'isms' in the world - the bigotry which leads to them are fueled by our inability to be with this pain, to be with uncertainty, to be with fear, and to tend to the threat that seeps into our bones. It is then when we project out, identify targets for our own relief of intolerable states.

With this knowledge we can dis-cover our true 'knowing' in direct experience and re-training:

Take time, small moments many times, to tend to the threat by simply threading your breath throughout your body, throughout your day. Dear Body, Dear Brain needs you to move from BioLogic to Conscious Care

Audio Practice: Tending Threat with Threaded Breath


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