Douglas Miguel Rodriguez

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Remember Intention? Why it matters, what it serves, and how it directs mind in new direction beyond pleasant or unpleasant. Maybe you've gotten lost to personal narrative, current worries, or the parties of the season Take time to Remember Pause

Reflect Below is a current story of what a dis-integrated mind causes. "Mind's contorted confusion traveling on the speed of a bullet" I know, heavy. My view is when we include the individual stories of loss we prevent information overload and desensitization, and actual develop resilience and regain our choose forward what difference we might offer, just by our presence. We often want to ReCover quickly, move on, heal, but that only happens when we Dis-Cover the pain and beauty that connects us all. Mourners Remember Man Killed In Jersey City Shooting

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what a time if only covid became the teacher it could have been. when it first began I thought now we have it, the link, the truth of our connection, we will all Love and know Loss - no matter who you

Move In New Direction

M.I.N.D Healthy Habits of Mind influence and are influenced by Body, Brain, and then lead to our next Behavior What we pay attention to repeatedly changes us for better or worse To get curious ask "wh

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