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I Woke With Lions and Bears

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Great heartache in all that goes unprotected and outright destroyed. The wild at the mercy of our limited sight. Disruption of sustainable rhythms and natural order presents to us on all fronts : Fires, Floods, Fevers, Fits and Fights..... The worst is when we each might be disabled in heart, mind, body, brain, behavior. ReOrder your Self Protect your interior See wider Promote well being Regulate reaction Small moments many times Don't let trending times tear the Truth of who you really are: Election Day Support: 🗳 "An enemy is someone whose story you have not yet heard" Notice the Power of Leadership (direction of mind) For Better For Worse We are never meant to be the same but to be changed by our engagement with the world. Choose the Direction of your Mind, in what way will you Lead this moment's Change? Big heart, Diane


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