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Is it Noise or Knowledge?

What's captured your attention today? Just inquire, is it noise or knowledge? Sometimes we fill up the spaces between us with the static of 'white noise'. What are we masking? What are we not hearing? Get in the car turn on the radio, come home from work turn on the TV, take a 'break' and enter the portal of escape promised in our tech device. How will you ever really 'know' anything if there is no space between to listen?

It's time for "The Take Back" of our manipulated attention.

Try it on for a day:

The next time you reach to fill in the space with some other sound just ask, is this noise or knowledge. The answer can be found upside down at the end of this blog post - No, the answer will be found in your 'knowing':

am I more connected and aware or less so

Turn it off

Tune in

Take Back

a constant recalibration of our intentional direction

just what is a priority, a non-negotiable, that must be a part of my daily life for me to, not just get through the day, but to flourish.

What habits of mind / body / behavior have I accommodated to that stunt my growth?

one mind, one moment, one movement in new direction - repeat. repeat. repeat.

then you will not only differentiate between noise and knowledge, but discern the power of knowing that exceeds the bounds of knowledge.

Your Knowing - not usurped by someone else's marketing to lull you into consumption

Your Knowing - grounded in your direct experience leading to your creative contribution


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