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on the road to resilience

bonus practice for the rest of our lives, is to check our conversations and communication styles (aggressive, passive aggressive, submissive, assertive) and what drives us, what fear, fatigue, fast-paced living....  when are we seeking to 'flee' our own discomfort and seek confirmation by False Bonding (feeling safe in passive triangulation against other- defining self in opposition) - learning how to build the competency to stay with discomfort, to challenge perception, to create new memory, to mis-take ourselves, others, and fail, so we might know a humbling that shapes our best.We forget how much we impact each other - How much we need each other-the longing to be Seen, Heard, Recognized - deeply understood. 

"see the best in the other and they may act all the better for it" - Nelson Mandela

challenge to look for what is right, right now in the other - interrupt that negative brain bias - let go grievances to see how much possibility might take up the space and energy held there.

Resilience does not come from the sunny days or the conversations that confirm us, it comes from the courage to listen in a way that requires you to change.


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