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Sleep as Journey

we are sleep deprived

the loss leads to brain and body malfunction

body compromised in its natural intelligence to fend off disease

the mind loses its integration of memory and learning

tends to create a depressive irritable stance

so much goes into the creation of good sleep hygiene which technology is in direct opposition to

what we do all day determines whether the night will be a restorative possibility or a punishing end to the backlog of information unprocessed

along with dimming lights, eating less, decreasing technology 2 hours prior to 'going to bed' (v going to sleep)

we can practice checking in with the body throughout the day several times for 30-60 seconds to let it realign to its natural rhythms - heart beating, breath moving, brain pulsating

a necessary integrative processing

so when you land in bed the whole day does not crush you

if you happen to wake in the middle of the night with the monsters of mind - let the body lead - listen to it, sense it, soften it

Sleep as a journey - requires our willingness to let go - to give up our optimizing linear control - see what you might discover if you take it as a significant event on your calendar - the most important meeting of your day

Extra credit: (Note, how was it giving up linear thinking in breaking rules of written language here? Hmm)


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