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There, but for the Direction of Mind, go I

Easy to take sides.

Essential to know we are all on the same one.

What's the difference between a poet and a terrorist?

- Environment, cultural context, conditions, that determine what to pay Attention to repeatedly which cultivates either, Life -the interconnectivity of diverse forms of that life in constant pulsating movement, constant change, or, separate, fixed, locked & loaded, stagnation (in nature what is dry & brittle?) - Death.

When we can begin to understand our biological impetus - avoid uncertainty, avoid energy used in assimlating new ideas, narrow into the negative -

We can stop taking it so personally or relegating confused acts to "those" people - mentally ill terrorists- and begin to study the making of our own mind, when it's well or wielding its contorted confusion.

In remembrance

of the Loss & what has been lost

Christchurch, New Zealand

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