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Uninformed Kindness Causes Harm

Updated: May 20, 2019

Mink the bear was fed fun stuff by old man. In short, the bear became quite docile and human friendly. To those who knew her, all seemed just fine. The bear became part of a human community tribe, no threat. Old man dies and now Mink is wandering around seeking connection with humans trying to replicate what she learned with the old man. Not everyone feels so at ease.

Bear equals threat. Bear must be killed. Mink supporters got word and protests in protection erupted and the mayor got on board, so instead she was relocated thousands of miles away. But dear Mink, the brilliance of biology, and dare I say, the heart's radar, all kicked in for her to track where 'home' is utilizing her inner GPS. Mink makes her way all the way back to her starting point. Now What?

Uninformed kindness holds only the perspective of the giver of the perceived kindness. Limited view, no long term awareness, self-interest in the short-term 'good feelings' usurps awareness of what is truly kind for the other.

The take away? For all of us to consider, especially in the science of 'loving kindness' / 'compassion' / 'happiness', all our attempts to upgrade our unalienable rights to pursue our happiness found in our connected cultivation of care beyond ourselves might be informed by the very first step:

Inquire: what is my intention in this next action, what might be the impact, from whose perspective can I not see?

uninformed kindness compromises freedom

from all of us anthropomorphic humans: "I am so sorry Mink"


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