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What if there is no category

What's the difference between adventure and anxiety?

one seeks control

the other curiosity.

Try for a day,
no matter what happens,
hmm, that's interesting, I wonder. . . 
see what conclusion has to step aside for curiosity to have room.

The automatic brain process categorizes quickly to save metabolic energy, to save your life by processing perceptual cues for action that moves you toward or away. Kind of like a big data collection site - who, what, where, when, but, as Beau Lotto points out, misses the 'why', the context for moving away or toward. That 'big data' needs to be 'understood' to reveal any real-time meaning that allows conscious action. Create just enough space to insert a dose of interest to reveal, that in fact, this may not equal that. Control will want the simplistic category for security of a seeming certainty, red hats = ___________, (hence all divisive twitter engagements). Curiosity will be capable of ambiguity and complexity to dis-cover what is emergent and truly alive. More, curiosity provides the stretch required for growth that's found in the tension of opposing views.

This one practice: "hmm, that's interesting, I wonder", strategically placed at a fixed point of any conclusion is proactive doubt to dislodge deeply held assumptions. How else will anything change?


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